Join our Live Stream channel to follow along with coaches as they lead a fun, 30-minute session that is broadcast nationwide. All classes are age-specific and will be streamed at various times throughout the day, 7-days a week.

Each video will have a short description informing families what activities will be covered, including daily themes, early childhood learning concepts and the targeted age of our viewers. We will also share any equipment that will be needed for the class, along with a list of imaginative alternatives that can easily be found around the house. Coaches will then lead a warmup and stretching activity, followed by the skill or theme of the day with progression as the class goes on.

If you miss a stream you were hoping to watch, no problem! You will have access to the library of videos as they are created, broken into age-specific learning groups so that you can easily find appropriate content for your soccer star.

Cost: $20/month  

Program Type: Parent & Me, Super Soccer Stars, Soccer Stars United Development

Program Length: 15 – 30 Mins

Ages: 1 – 12

Equipment Recommended: While our coaches may use a soccer ball and cones, they will also suggest a variety of household items that can be used for each lesson

Space Recommended: 5 sqft x 5 sqft